Bachelorette Party

Destination Bachelorette Party Ideas

If the groom can have a destination bachelor party then why can't the bride enjoy a destination bachelorette party?  Both of them are at a key turning point in their lives so why not fly to the Dominican Republic for a few days of fun-filled enjoyment? A destination bachelorette party is a great time for the ladies to get together, maybe let their hair down, and enjoy themselves as never before.

Our resort is perfect for your Dominican bachelorette party.  It is large enough to accommodate all of your friends and with our unique "all-inclusive" pricing, we are very budget friendly.

​Bachelorette Party Planning Checklist

  1. ​Ask the bride what she would like to do for a destination bachelorette party.  Anything is possible, from a relaxing spa vacation to pulse pounding dancing or even something a lot naughtier.  It's up to her so ask her!
  2. Pick the date and inform the other brides maids.  Since this is a bachelorette party in the Dominican Republic, you should all pool resources to pay airfare for the bride. 
  3. Show the other brides maids our resort to gain their support, pick the best date and book your reservation. Everyone can then start saving, working out or buying bachelorette party gifts.
  4. Let us know the parameters of your Dominican bachelorette party; we can handle virtually any request, although some things require a bit more arranging on our end.  ;-)
  5. Check with the airlines for group rates, you can save a lot of money if you get a nice group discount.  We can help you here with the same type of discounts.
  6. Pack smartly for the party because you will probably want to wear everything from a nice gown to a bikini or two!
Dominican Republic Bachelor Party Ideas and Entertainment
Dominican Republic Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelor Party

Destination Bachelor Party Ideas

Experience the last week (or just long weekend) of your bachelorhood with a spectacular destination bachelor party in the Dominican Republic.  Bring along your groomsmen so everyone can enjoy the Dominican bachelor party in paradise. Your bachelor party in the Dominican Republic starts with picking the perfect location, totally private, with a full staff who cater to your every desire.

Our resort offers a wide variety of things to do while you enjoy your destination bachelor party.  We are located very near to many different activities such as horseback riding, paragliding, kiteboarding, ATV rentals and much more.  And, of course, there are a never-ending stories about how beautiful the women are in the Dominican Republic!

We offer an "all-inclusive" pricing, exclusive of 'entertainment', of course.  Ask us about the cost for your group!

​Bachelor Party Planning Checklist

1.  Ask the groom what he would like to do for a destination bachelor party.  For a guy, this is very important because you may want to do something that he does not want to do.  ;-)

2.  Pick a good date, preferably over a weekend because everyone is working.  Typically the date is about 6 months in advance so everyone can save and organize themselves.

3.  Discuss the type of bachelor party with the other groomsmen so everyone is in sync.  This is only a 'secret' to the bachelor, not everyone else.

4.  When you contact us to determine availability and pricing, make sure you know the number of guests, a couple of date choices and tell us what type of bachelor party you want.

5.  Prostitution is legal in the Dominican Republic but we do not offer it.  We will direct you to some resources who can help coordinate this whom we trust and rely upon to be discreet.

6.  See if you can get everyone to fly together so you can get a nice group rate, it also helps cut down costs of ground transportation if you all arrive/depart together.

​7.  Pack smart--drugs are extremely illegal here so do not be not bring them!